Monday, December 1, 2014

It's All About the Base

Haven't posted for a couple weeks so thought I should check in.

Right now my schedule has been swim, bike, and run two times each week with an easy to moderate effort.  Except swimming which is still a big effort. Building my base fitness has been the priority for the first few months. I expect that in a couple weeks I will need to adjust my training amounts and efforts. I will keep you posted on that!

I also wanted to update you on the fundraising side of things. On the 21st I held a pub night at the Dublin Crossing Pub in Surrey. It was an awesome venue, I highly recommend it. Good food, great staff, and a fun way to raise some money. I had 12 raffle prizes and 5 silent auction prizes (see my sponsors on the side to check out most of those). In all we managed to raise $1500 and with a few other donations coming in because of that I am now at half way in my fundraising!

Halfway means that I have raised $2500 but I still have $2500 to go.  I will be doing a bake sale at Ward's work before Christmas for part of that. The other plan could involve you!  
I am looking for 100 people to donate $20. This would be new donors, not those who have already contributed. I will be making a list so don't run away when you see me coming!  I will also be sending out a letter to family and friends asking for support.

Just so you know, the money raised all goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. I am responsible for my flights and bike shipping so you are not paying for my trip! Team in Training does provided some gear, my race entry fee, and shared accommodation for four nights but that is separate from the donations I have collected.

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