Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week in Review

This week it was back to training as usual. I have changed my workout load leading up to the race so here is what my week looked like:

Sunday: rest
Monday: early morning swim & afternoon tempo bike ride
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: early morning swim & evening short run
Thursday: afternoon short ride
Friday: early morning long rune & evening swim
Saturday: early morning long ride followed directly by tempo run

That's 9 workouts! 9! Never did I think I would fit all of that into one week. Looking forward to doing it all again this week.

Fundraising update: I am currently at $3550 which is amazing! That leaves $1450 to go. I going to start contacting people individually so you can look forward to that. ;)

Did I mention the race is NEXT MONTH???? Yikes!

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